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Make Your Colorbond Patio Look New

10/02/2017By Michael Sanders

Mouldy colorbond patio

Unfortunately since most patios are sheltered and do not have very good ventilation, they often develop mould on the underneath of the colorbond roof sheets. Make your patio look like new...

Cannington Harley Davidson - Builders Window Clean

13/01/2017By Michael Sanders

Cannington Perth Harley Davidson

Perth Harley Davidson recently moved a few blocks, we completed the builders clean on their new showroom and made that brand new glass shine...

Our Largest House To Date!

8/11/2016By Michael Sanders

Our largest house to date

Last week we undertook the window cleaning of this magnificent mansion in Nedlands...

South Yunderup IGA Opening Preclean

14/10/2016By Michael Sanders

Austin Lakes IGA

Earlier this week we headed down past Mandurah to South Yunderup to give the brand new Austin Lakes IGA a final window preclean before its grand opening ...

Horse Arena Mirrors - Our Biggest Mirrors To Date!

10/10/2016By Michael Sanders

Horse Arena Hard Water Staining

This week we were asked to do a slightly odd job. We headed out of the city to a horse riding arena to clean 20 meters of mirrors. They were very badly stained...

Wattle Grove Aldi Grand Opening Preclean

12/09/2016By Michael Sanders

Wattle grove aldi

Recently the new Wattle Grove Aldi store opened up and we won the contract for the window cleaning of the whole supermarket complex ...

Why Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

7/08/2016By Michael Sanders

Dirty solar panels

A few years ago the government was giving very generous rebates to anybody who installed solar panels on their house. Many people took advantage of this and had solar panels installed on their home.

However many people also had them installed and forgot about the all important maintenance! ...

Prevent Hard Water Stains - Save Money

30/06/2016By Michael Sanders

Hard water stain close up

The windows in Perth have a problem, all to often they develop hard water staining. Sometimes it is very mild and unnoticeable, other times you couldn't miss it with your eyes closed!

The crazy thing is that it is very easy to prevent it happening in the first place and very hard to undo many years later! So how does it happen? ...

How to Replace Flyscreen Mesh

17/06/2016By Michael Sanders

Flyscreen replacement spline roller

Do you wonder how mosquitoes, flies and other insects always find a way to get into you house? Maybe your flysceens are the culprit! ...

New Regular Commercial Customer - Zambrero Canning Vale

7/06/2016By Michael Sanders

New Business Client Zambrero Canningvale

Zambrero Canning Vale is our latest monthly contract, soon after opening they realised that their staff can not double as professional window cleaners! They decided to contract our services to keep their shop front looking clean as a bell...

Does Gutter Guard Actually Work?

30/05/2016By Michael Sanders

Gutter Guard Installation

Humans naturally love to come up with clever solutions for problems. So what do you do when your gutters keep on filling up with leaves and other debris?

Well you could eliminate the problem all together by cutting down nearby tree's, but this isn't always possible! You could get up on your ladder and clean them every few months, but these days who has time to do little jobs around the house.

Which brings us to the main point of this article, Does gutter guard actually work? The short answer is yes and no, read on ...