South Yunderup IGA Window Preclean

14/10/2016By Michael Sanders

Earlier this week we headed down past Mandurah to South Yunderup to give the brand new Austin Lakes IGA a final window preclean before its grand opening.

Builders Window Clean at Austin Lakes IGA

Austin Lakes IGA Window Cleaning

The Austin Lakes development in South Yunderup is very isolated from any shopping centre's, the closest being in Pinjarra. A new shopping centre in the middle of the development was surely welcomed by the residents. The complex also includes a Cafe and Liquor shop.

We were asked to complete a full clean of the new complex, being recently finished there was plenty paint, plaster and other builders material on the glass that needed to be carefully removed.

A particular challenge was that all the windows had been laminated with a Comfort Plus layer. This special layer insulates and blocks UV, making it energy efficient. However nothing abrasive can be used on this special inside layer as it will cause damage, this makes cleaning it difficult.

However the window clean was completed in one day and on schedule, with the building company happy with the results.