Our latest Commercial Window Cleaning Customer

7/06/2016By Michael Sanders

Zambrero Canning Vale

New Business Client Zambrero Canningvale

Zambrero Canning Vale is our latest monthly contract, soon after opening they realised that their staff can not double as professional window cleaners! They decided to contract our services to keep their shop front looking clean as a bell.

Almost every business in the food industry deals with alot of customers that enter and exit their store, lots of traffic equals lots of hand marks, smears and spills. Most business owners realise that it is important to keep their shop looking clean, as this is the first thing a potential customer sees as they approach your store.

Personally there is nothing more painful then when I see a staff member try their best to clean the shops windows, it takes months to become proficient in window cleaning and its not something you can learn overnight!

Allowing a professional window cleaning company to do your windows means:

Firstly they will be done efficiently as possible, meaning we won't disrupt your customers.

Secondly they will be cleaned to the highest standard, no streaks or smears.

Thirdly this means your staff to stick to what they do best! Serving your customers.

Regularly monthly cleans will keep your shopfront looking great, and often are quite affordable as the windows don't get to a bad state where they need extra elbow grease. Consider contracting a professional if your a business where the look of your store matters!