Prevent Hard Water Stains - Save Money

30/06/2016By Michael Sanders

The windows in Perth have a problem, all too often they develop hard water staining. Sometimes it is very mild and unnoticeable, other times you couldn't miss it with your eyes closed!

The crazy thing is that it is very easy to prevent it happening in the first place and very hard to undo many years later! So how does it happen?...

The Causes of Hard Water Staining

Hard water stain close up

As the name suggests hard water stains are caused by hard water. So what is hard water?

Hard water is water that has a very high mineral content (Calcium, Magnesium, etc). The water that comes out Perth taps and reticulation bores is very mineral rich and therefore considered hard water. But don't worry, accidentally spraying your windows with tap water will not cause a stain! Rather stains occur when hard water hits glass over and over again

Since glass is porous, when mineral rich water is sprayed on it week after week, it absorbs the minerals which is what causes staining to occur. Different areas have different levels of water hardness, if your in a very hard water area you will easily notice your glass starting to stain.

How to Prevent Hard Water Staining

Hard water staining on sliding door

So we know hard water staining occurs when hard water is sprayed time and time again on it. The solution to stopping staining occurring is simple, Don't let hard water be sprayed on your windows!

Don't let hard water be sprayed on your windows!

If you have reticulation installed turn it on and see if you windows are getting hit with water from the sprinklers. If they are, consider changing the sprinkler nozzle to one that has a different spray pattern. Sometimes it can be necessary to move sprinkler locations.

If you hand water your garden, avoid as much as possible spraying the glass, if you have pot plants consider moving them further away from windows We have seen cases where hand watering alone has caused hard water stains!

Act Now to Save Money

Horse arena hard water staining

If you see stains developing on windows act quickly, find out how water is spraying the glass and make changes to stop it. If nothing is done the stain will continue to spread on the glass.

Once a window is badly stained it can take hours to try and rectify it with the use of acids and polishing. Sometimes in extreme cases we recommend its cheaper to replace the window then to attempt to remove the staining!

By taking preventative measures you can save yourself a lot of money in the future and enjoy unblemished clear glass.

Need Professional Help?

If you would like an estimate to have your hard water stains removed please contact us.

For more information please view our Hard Water Stain Removal Page