Horse Arena Mirrors - Our Biggest Mirrors To Date!

10/10/2016By Michael Sanders

Horse Arena Hard Water Staining

This week we were asked to do a slightly odd job. We headed out of the city to a horse riding arena to clean 20 meters of mirrors. They were very badly stained due to the sprinkler system that is installed to decrease the dust. They were the biggest set of mirrors we have ever been asked to clean!

Hard Water Staining

Horse Arena Mirrors

Hard water used for reticulation is full of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and compounds such as sulfates and bicarbonates. Glass is porous, so when these minerals are sprayed day after day onto your glass, it eventually works it way into the glass causing staining. The severity of a stain depends on the quality of the water in the area you live, in some areas glass can be exposed to hard water for years without noticeable effects.

Hard water stain removal is a slow and expensive process. The easiest way to prevent staining occurring is by making sure that your garden sprinklers do not spray your glass. Sometimes it is unavoidable, in these cases try to minimise spray asmuch as possible.

Since the sprinklers in this case cannot be changed and they need to operate, the only way to maintain the glass is to regularly clean it. However we are now regularly cleaning the mirrors to keep the staining under control.