How to Replace Flyscreen Mesh

17/06/2016By Michael Sanders

Do you wonder how mosquitoes, flies and other insects always find a way to get into you house? Maybe your flysceens are the culprit!

Flysreens, their primary job is to allow you to open your windows without every creepy crawly inviting themselves in. But as flyscreens age the plastic mesh fades due to UV from the sun and tears as a result.

So what are your options to renew your flyscreens?

DIY Flyscreen Mesh Replacement

Faded flyscreen needing replacement

Want to repair your flyscreens yourself?

All the materials you need to replace the mesh in your flyscreens is easily available from your local bunnings warehouse or hardware store.

Tools Required

Flyscreen mesh replacement tools required

A list of basic tools and equipent you need. Some replacement flyscreen mesh can be purchased as a kit and has some of the following items.

Replace Your Flyscreen Mesh

A step by step guide to replacing your mesh by yourself:

1. Once you have taken the flyscreen off, find the ends of the spline cord and using a screwdriver pry out the spline cord from the channel in the back of the flyscreen and remove it. Also remove the old mesh

2. Lay the new mesh over your flyscreen frame, you will need atleast 100mm of overlap all the way around. Try to make the weave in the mesh parallel with the frame.

3. With your roller, starting by push in your new/old spline into the channel on a corner. Then work your way up one side, then the next, until all four sides are complete. Do no put too much tension on the flyscreen as this can make the frame bow.

4. If your using new spline trim it so it finishes neatly at the corner your started from

5. Using a sharp knife, carefully trim the excess mesh. Reinstall the flyscreen and your done!

How to Replace Flyscreen Mesh - DIY

Please view our short video for a detail step by step guide

Professional Flyscreen Replacement Services

Flyscreen replace spline roller

Short on time and want it done right?

Not everyone has time to replace and maintain flyscreens. Each flyscreen can take over 5 mins to do for a professional!

Swift Window Cleaning can offer flyscreen replacement services in Perth, saving you time and resulting in a quality finish. If your flyscreens are starting to fade and rip, feel free to give us a call so we can provide you with a free measure and quote.