Solar Panel Cleaning Perth

We specialise in Solar Panel Cleaning in the Perth Metro area. Don't put yourself in danger, let us handle the heights and bring you solar panels back to life!

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Why do your Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Clean solar panel

No doubt you installed your Solar Panels so that you could minimise your power bill. Many people don't realise that without regular cleaning Solar Panels aren't as effective as they should be. Studies have shown that dirty Solar Panels can decrease efficiency by up to 30%! That won't do your power bill any favours.

Solar Panel Cleaning Perth will come and make your Solar Panels shine anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area!

Doesn't The Rain Clean Them?

Dirty solar panel

Just as rain will not magically clean your car, the same applies to solar panels.

While rain may remove loose dust, it will not remove other debris such as bird and animal dropping, dirt and mineral deposits. Which in turn affects their performance.

Why choose us?

Just a few reasons why you should give us a go!

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De-ionized Water

A innovative solution!

Professional solar panel cleaning

Cleaning your Solar Panels yourself isn't an easy task. Conventional methods are time consuming and often it is hard to get a streak free result! Panels aren't always easy to access either since they are often next to each other in large banks.

De-ionized water is water that has passed through a DI system, which is made up of several special filters. The end result is water that has had its ions removed, when it is used for cleaning applications it dries perfectly clear and streak free!

We purify tap water onsite and pump it through extension poles with special soft bristle brushes. This allows us to clean large banks of solar panels without the need to be right next to every panel we clean. We don't use any detergents or other cleaning agents that could damage your investment.

To learn more about our de-ionized water system, please view our Pure Water Fed Pole Page

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

The prices below are for a standard single storey residential house, solar panels in hard to reach areas or on a commercial premises may need to be quoted on in person.

We have a standard price for the professional cleaning of 10 solar panels, every additional panel after has a standard fee.

Description Price
Cleaning of 10 Panels $70.00
Every additional panel $3.00ea

Safety First

Peace of mind

Solar panel cleaning safely in harness

Some panels can be hard to access due to the angle of the roof. We will find a way to clean your panels. We can use ropes, harnesses and temporary anchor systems to access your Solar Panels in a safe manner.