Window cleaner using pure water fed pole system on a multi-storey commercial building in canningvale

Our Equipment - Pure Water Fed Pole System

Window cleaning techniques and equipment have come a long way in the past century. In 1997 the revolution of window cleaning began with the launch of the Water Fed Pole cleaning system. Now here in the 21st century, almost all window cleaners in the UK use this system!

Here in Perth the majority of professional window cleaning companies also have this cleaning system, including Swift Window Cleaning!

What Is A Pure Water Fed Pole Cleaning System?

Water fed pole system DI filter system, Telescopic poles and brush photo collage

A water fed pole window cleaning system consists of 3 things:

1. Water Filtration System, there are two types of water filtration systems, RO and DI. There are pros and cons to both, however both accomplish the same task - To remove all the minerals from the water. Both RO and DI systems are simply a series of water filters that bring the water 'Total dissolved solids' (TDS) reading to 0.

2. Telescopic Poles are the workhorse of a water fed system. They are usually made partially or fully out of carbon fibre, this makes them very lightweight but also very strong. Poles that can reach up to 7 Stories are available! our Pole system can reach up to 14 meters.

3. Brushes attach onto the telescopic poles, with inbuilt water jets that are fed with water by a hose that runs up the inside of the pole. Good quality brushes have several different layers of soft bristles, these make them very efficient at dislodging dirt.

How Does It Work?

Window cleaning technician using pure water fed pole system to cleaning commercial windows in canningvale

So how does all of this equipment make windows clean? The water filtration system filters the water, this take all of the minerals out of the water. Once the water is purified it travels through a pipe to the top of the telescopic pole. It then squirts out of the brushes inbuilt nozzles.

The window cleaning technician scrubs the window with the brush from the comfort of the ground, this is by far the safest way to clean high glass. Once the window is scrubbed and all dirt has been shifted, the operator then rinses all the dirt off the glass with the purified water.

Once the window pane is rinsed the water dries naturally. Since the water has no minerals in it and it totally pure, the remaining water droplets dry without leaving any marks on the glass, resulting in a perfectly clean window!

Fun Fact - This water is so pure that drinking it has no benefit to the body whatsoever!

Does It Always Work?

There are some occasions where the water will not dry properly, there are two commons problems.

1. If the jobsite is close to the ocean and there are high winds, sometimes salt particles may contaminate the pure water droplets as they are drying. This may cause small droplet marks to occur.

2. If the windows have weathered/old window seals the water may enter into them and mix with dirt before dripping out. This can leave streak marks from the top of the window. This can be easily fixed however by rinsing the window again once the drip dries out.

However these problems can be worked around to ensure that all windows are perfectly clean and streak free.

Other Uses For This System

Technican using water fed pole system to cleaning solar panels ontop of a roof

Since anything cleaned with this purified water will dry completely water mark free, it is a very versatile system. You could even using it clean your car to attain a water mark free finish!

Swift window cleaning also uses this system to clean Solar Panels. Since solar panels are normally very hot from being exposed to the sun, traditional cleaning methods will often leave streaks because of how fast the water dries. By using this pure water fed pole system this problem is eliminated.

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