Our Pricing

Below is our price guide. We work out our pricing based on an hourly rate, charged in 15 minute increments, our standard hourly rate is $60p/h. We only charge you for the time we are there working, this works out cheaper for you as we do not over-estimate.

We may not be Perth cheapest window cleaner, but we pay attention to detail and endeavour to give the best quality finish possible. We can be quite OCD about our cleaning!

Residential Window Cleaning Prices

The table below can be used as a guide as to what the total cost to have you windows cleaned will be.

The prices listed are for our standard service, which includes: internal and external window cleaning, removal of any cobwebs around the window frame and a wipe down of the window sill. Houses with security screens fitted take longer then the estimated time because the sliding windows need to be removed from inside to clean the outside pane

Please note these prices are an estimate and can be confirmed upon arrival to the property.

House Size Hours Price
Unit 1.5hr - 2hrs $90 - $120
Small House 2hrs - 2.5hrs $120 - $150
Regular house 2.5hr - 3hrs $150 - $180
Large house 3hr - 4hrs $180 - $240
Small double
Storey 3hr - 4hrs $180 - $240
Large double
Storey 4hr - 6hrs $240 - $360
Extra large
Double storey 6hr - 9hrs $360 - $540

We are happy to also clean your pool balustrades, tracks, flyscreens, security doors, mirrors and window frames. These additional services are simply charged by the hour.

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

Unfortunately commercial buildings and offices vary greatly. We have outlined very rough estimates of what you can expect to pay for the cleaning of commercial properties.

We will have to come and properly inspect any commercial job before work begins, in order to quote it and see if any special equipment is necessary for window access.

Please call us on 0433 281 019 to arrange a quote.

Type Hours Price
Shop Front 0.5hrs - 1hrs $30 - $60
Small office 1hrs - 2hrs $60 - $120
Large office 2hr - 3hrs $120 - $180
Office 3hr - 6hrs $180 - $320

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Below is a guide of what you can expect to pay to have your gutters professionally cleaned. These prices are based on how long it takes us to clean your gutters, houses with complex roof designs may take longer. Our standard rate is $60p/h, charged in 15 minute increments.

If there is minimal debris and leaves we can often complete gutter cleaning on a single storey home in an hour, with a total cost of $60. However if your gutters are packed full of leaves and debris it can take over 2 hours.

Type Hours Price
Single Storey 2hrs - 3hrs $120 - $180
Double Storey 2hrs - 4hrs $120 - $240

Our aim is to maintain your roof plumbing system. When unmaintained, the life cycle of gutters can be greatly affected.

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

The prices below are for a standard single storey house, solar panels in hard to reach areas may need to be quoted in person.

We have a standard price for the professional cleaning of 10 solar panels, every additional panel after has a standard fee.

Description Price
Cleaning of 10 Panels $70
Every additional panel $3.00

High Pressure Cleaning Prices

We simply charge an hourly rate of $65p/h charged in 15 minute increments for all our pressure cleaning services. Alternatively we can also provide you with a in person quote since every job is different. Commercial premises always need to be visited to provide a accurate quote.

We have included a table that can be used to estimate pricing for the high pressure cleaning of paving, driveways and footpaths.

Square Meters Hours Price
1 - 40sq/m 1hr $75
30-80sq/m 1 - 2hrs $75 - $150
80 - 150sq/m 2 - 4hrs $150 - $300
150 - 250sq/m 4 - 6hrs $300 - $450