Colorbond Patio Cleaning Perth

Colorbond patios in Perth often develop mould underneath. This mould not only looks terrible, but also isn't healthy.

While it is possible to clean the mould off yourself, without the right tools it is very hard work. It can be very straining on the body working above your head on a ladder scrubbing away, and also dangerous with the risk of falls occuring.

Clean colorbond patio

We Have The Right Tools

Patio mould cleaning

We feature a 4000psi pressure cleaner and have various extendible brushes and detergents, this allows us to quickly and efficiently clean your colorbond patio from the safety of the ground.

Most of the time pressure cleaning alone will not remove the mould from the underneath of patios! Even our 4000psi pressure cleaner will not can not budge it! That's where our extendible brushes come in, combined with some elbow grease and your colorbond patio look will like new!

Leaving your patio mouldy can make it increasingly hard to clean in the future. Often once a patio has been professionally cleaned it will often last many years before needing attention once again.

After patio cleaning

How much does it cost?

For patio cleaning we charge $60 per hour, in 15 minute increments. Small patios usually take 2 hours to clean, with larger patio's taking in between 2hrs to 4hrs.

If you would like more information or would like to book your patio clean please Contact Us